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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Acetyl Bromide Products dealers, suppliers, traders, importers, distributors authorized dealers in India and UAE.

Maha Automations is distributor of Acetyl Bromide.

Acetyl bromide can be used:

  • In the quantification of lignin in cell wall residues of Arabidopsis.

  • In the total synthesis of cinchona alkaloids named quinidine and quinine.

  • To prepare 9,10-diarylanthracenes and triarylmethanes by reacting with arenes and various aromatic aldehydes using ZnBr2/SiO2.

  • To prepare glycosyl bromides from free sugars or their peracetates.

Maha Automations is a well-known manufacturer supplier exporter of Acetyl Bromide in India and UAE.

For the Purchase of Acetyl Bromide kindly contact Maha Automations

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