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Why Choose  MAHA Automation?


We support original equipment manufacturers and end-users alike in a broad array of industries to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their manufacturing operations and new machine designs


Our customers benefit through our continual pursuit to search out world class suppliers and by implementing the newest industrial automation technologies available.


At Maha Automation, we provide assemblies that are "Built to Order" which is simply assembling the items you want into the configuration you need, saving you time and money. "We sell solutions, not just products."


We have been providing technical solutions for industrial problems and continue to appreciate the varied opportunities presented each day to continue developing our skills to benefit our customers.


Our team welcomes technical challenges and the opportunity to work closely with a customer to understand the nature of the problem both technically and commercially, so that we can propose the optimum solution. In this we are independent; being able to choose between our partner manufacturers as well as other worldwide manufacturers in order to obtain the best balance for the client


Your single source for Industrial supplies, MRO spares. Consumables etc...

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