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Capsule Low Pressure Gauges

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

A capsule pressure gauge has two thin, concentric corrugated diaphragms that are sealed tightly together around their circumferences. One of the diaphragms has a hole in the center that allows the medium to enter. When pressure is applied, the diaphragms expand or contract. This change in shape creates rotary movement that appears on the face of the gauge. Capsule pressure gauges are used for the measurement of substances with pressures up to 600 mbar with an accuracy of ± 1.6%, and they are used exclusively for measuring the pressure of gases.

•Dial Size(mm):100,150, 250

•Case : Weather Cast Al. Or S.S

•Ranges: 0to 150 mmWc to 10000 mmWc

•or Vac Above on Request.

•Accuracy:1% FSD

•Connection:½”, 3/8” BSP / NPT

•Flange connection On Request.

•Mounting: Bottom

•Wetter Parts: SS 316 & Other on Request

Also Available in Compact Built

Maha Automations is a well-known manufacturer supplier exporter of Capsule Low Pressure Gauges in Mangalore, India.

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