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Differential Pressure Gauge

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Differential pressure gauges measure the difference between the pressure in two chambers that are separated by an element that moves back and forth according to the changes in pressure. The movement of the element causes a movement in the pointer on the gauge face or provides a digital display reading. One of the ports of the gauge is installed on the high side, while the other is placed on the low side that shows a pressure drop on the gauge.

•Dial Size(mm): 150

•Case : Weather Cast Al. Or S.S

•Ranges: 0 to 400 mmWc X 6000 mmWc &

•0 to 0.6 to 25 Kg/Cm2/ Bar Above on


•Accuracy:1.5% FSD

•Chamber: SS

•Connection: ¼”, ½”, 3/8” BSP / NPT,

•On Request.

•Static Pressure: 100 Kg/Cm2 Bar

•Mounting: Bottom, Flush panel with

bottom or Back Entry

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