Standards-based cylinders

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Cylinder with piston rod: as a compact cylinder, short stroke cylinder, flat cylinder, round cylinder, miniature cylinder, cartridge cylinder or stainless steel cylinder

Part of the popularity of pneumatic cylinders is their simplicity, long life, cost-efficiency and ease of installation and maintenance. They produce great amounts of force across a broad spectrum of velocities, maintain high speed operation for long periods without overheating, and suffer no damage if they stall. On top of all that, pneumatic cylinders are robust enough to work in extreme conditions such as dirty and dusty environments, high-pressure wash downs, high humidity and explosive areas.

Specified types in accordance with the ATEX directive are suitable for explosive atmospheres or are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and therefore particularly easy to clean.

Pneumatic cylinders are most commonly used in the engineering and manufacturing industries to generate motion from the build-up of a pressurised gas. Of course, the type of pneumatic cylinder you require will vary depending on the specific application and industry. Pneumatic cylinders are also commonly known as air cylinders; due to the way the instrument operates.

There are three main types of pneumatic cylinders, including:

Single Acting Cylinders

Double Acting Cylinders

Telescoping Cylinders

Top Pneumatic Round Cylinders are :

Pneumtaic cylinders standard VDMA - ISO 15552

Cushioned neumatic cylinders ISO 15552, tie-rods version.

Cylinders for dusty and aggressive environment, VDMA - ISO 15552, stainless steel piston-rod and tie rods, acetalic polymer end caps.

Pneumatic cylinders for harsh environment conditions, VDMA - ISO 15552, full stainless steel, tie-rods version.

Pneumatic cylinders for harsh environment conditions, VDMA - ISO 15552, full stainless steel, tie-rods version

ATEX ISO 15552 Pneumatic cylinders

Each of these cylinders are used for specific applications, meaning the one most suited to purpose, will depend on the job in question.

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