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Round Cylinders

Updated: Mar 4

Round Cylinders are available in single acting and double acting cylinder

Pneumatic cylinders are most commonly used in the engineering and manufacturing industries to generate motion from the build-up of a pressurised gas. Of course, the type of pneumatic cylinder you require will vary depending on the specific application and industry. Pneumatic cylinders are also commonly known as air cylinders; due to the way the instrument operates.

They are available in three types:

Single Acting Cylinders

Double Acting Cylinders

Stainless Steel Cylinders

Each of these cylinders are used for specific applications, meaning the one most suited to purpose, will depend on the job in question.

Single acting pneumatic cylinders only work on one end of the piston, compared to the double acting pneumatic cylinder, which operates on both. The single-acting cylinder is most commonly used in internal engines, such as car engines, where it relies on an element, including springs or a foreign load to push the piston in the other direction, creating the motion. Single acting pneumatic cylinders are sometimes also found in pumps and hydraulic rams, helping with heavy duty jobs, such as lifting heavy materials.

Thanks to the accurate rounded design and the overall linearity, these cylinders are used in those industrial sectors (food & beverages, pharmaceuticals) where technological reliability and easy cleaning are required. 

Top Pneumatic Round Cylinders are :

- Cushioned pneumatic cylinders standard ISO 6432

- Pneumatic cylinder with magnetic piston standard ISO 6432

- Cylinder ISO 6432 for aggressive environments, in stainless steel with acetal resin srewed end caps.

- Pneumatic cylinder ISO 6432 for harsh aggressive environment, in stainless steel with screwed end caps.

-ATEX Cushioned pneumatic cylinders ISO 6432

Maha Automations stock a wide range of pneumatic cylinders, suitable for specific applications. For further information on our pneumatic products, please contact our technical team on, they will be happy to help.

Maha Automations is a well-known manufacturer supplier exporter of Round Cylinders in Mangalore, India.

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