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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

A lubricator adds controlled quantities of tool oil into a compressed air system to reduce the friction of moving components. Most air tools, cylinders, valves, air motors, and other air-driven equipment require lubrication to extend their useful life.

The use of an air line lubricator solves the problems of too much or too little lubrication that arise with conventional lubrication methods such as a grease gun or oil. Airline lubricators also supply the right kind of lubricant for the tools used.

Once the lubricator is adjusted, an accurately metered quantity of lubricant is supplied to the air-operated equipment. The only maintenance required is a periodic refill of the lubricator reservoir.

Adding lubrication to a system also “washes away” compressor oils that travel through the system in vapor form. Mineral oils added to the system prevent synthetic compressor oil build-up on system components. When lubricators are not used in a system, a coalescing filter should be installed to remove compressor oil aerosols.

Downstream flow requirements determine the size of lubricators. Therefore, an analysis of air flow use must be made. After determining how much air flow is needed, a lubricator can be chosen.

Types of Airline Lubricators

Airline lubricators come in one of two types:

- Oil-Fog

- Micro-Fog

Oil-Fog airline lubricators are used in heavy applications, such as single tools, cylinders and valves. Micro-Fog lubricators are used for multiple applications, several cylinders or valves.

In oil-fog lubricators, all the oil droplets visible in the sight dome are added directly into the air flow, which results in relatively large oil droplets passing downstream. In micro-fog lubricators, the oil droplets visible in the sight dome are atomized and collected in the area above the oil in the bowl. The smaller, lighter particles are drawn into the air flow and pass downstream. As a result, typically, only 10% of the visible oil drops in the sight dome are passed downstream.

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