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Aluminium Sulphate

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Aluminium sulphate (Al2 (SO4)3) is a chemical compound that is soluble in water. The compound is mainly used as a coagulant during the water purification process, wastewater treatment, and paper manufacturing. 

Aluminium sulfate is also called Filter Alum or Dialuminum trisulfate. It is a white crystalline solid in its anhydrous form and in its solution form it appears as a colourless liquid. Both the forms are non-toxic and non-combustible.

 Aluminium sulfate is soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. It is odourless and has a mildly astringent taste, sweet taste. On decomposing, it emits toxic fumes of sulphur oxides. The solution of aluminium sulfate is corrosive to aluminium. This compound is produced in the laboratory by adding aluminium hydroxide, to sulphuric acid. 

Application :

It is used in baking soda

It is used for gardening to balance the soil PH

Used in the purification of water

It is used in the dyeing of cloth

It is used in making paper

Used for the printing on cloth

It is used in concrete as an accelerator and waterproofing agent

It is used in firefighting foam

It is used in sewage treatment

It is used as the fireproofing agent

Safety : Aluminium sulfate is an irritant to the skin and eyes, so you should wear gloves and eye protection while dealing with it. It is mildly dangerous if aluminium sulfate is swallowed in any way because when the salt is swallowed it can form extremely corrosive sulphuric acid.

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