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Updated: Dec 30, 2023

AIR OIL COOLER SELECTION manufacturer, dealers, suppliers, traders, importers, distributors authorize dealers in India. Maha Automations is distributor of AIR OIL COOLER SELECTION

  • For Selection of Oil Cooler the System Information needed is,

  1. Heat Load Capacity (kW)

  2. Oil Inlet & Outlet Temperature (°C)

  3. Air Inlet Temperature (Ambient Temperature) (°C)

  4. Oil Flow Rate (LPM)

  • Air Oil coolers are suitable in places where cooling water cannot be supplied or cooling tower facility is not available.

  • Cheaper and energy efficient, since no cooling water facility required.

  • Mobile hydraulic Power packs usually use Air Oil Coolers for Oil Cooling.

  • We provide Air Oil Coolers for Hydraulic Oil and Lubrication oil Cooling.

  • Nowadays Air Oil Coolers are widely used due to their low operating and maintenance cost.

  • Our Air Oil Cooler are of Aluminium Radiators with Suction Fan

  • These are used for Hydraulic Application such as Hydraulic Power Pack, Hydraulic Presses, Lubrication etc.

Material of Construction :

  • Radiator: Aluminum

  • Fan: Single Phase or 3 Phase depending on Motor Capacity.

  • Outer Body: M.S

Maha Automations is a well-known manufacturer supplier exporter of Air Oil Cooler Selection in Mangalore, India.

For the Purchase of Air Oil Cooler Selection kindly contact Maha Automations -

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