Caustic Soda

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Caustic soda, chemically called Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), is a colorless, viscous, corrosive liquid. It is a by-product in the production of chlorine.


Caustic soda is a basic product that is widely used in a diverse range of industrial sectors, either as a raw material or as an auxiliary chemical. It is generally sold in two forms: as lye, with various concentrations (usually in the 30-32% & 49-50% range), and as solid caustic soda in the form of flakes or granules.


Caustic Soda is a basic product very widely used in diverse industrial sectors, either as a raw material or as an auxiliary chemical. As mentioned earlier, it is produced along with chlorine.


Caustic soda is one of the basic building blocks of chemistry and as such it finds diversified applications. A few of the broad use categories are :

- Manufacture of pulp and paper

- newsprint

- Manufacture of viscose yarn

- Manufacture of staple fiber

- Manufacture of Aluminium

- Manufacture of cotton

- Manufacture of textiles

- Manufacture of toilet and laundry soaps

- Manufacture of detergents

- Manufacture of dyestuffs

- Manufacture of drugs and pharmaceuticals

- vanaspati

- Petroleum refining

- Water treatment

- Food Processing


Three technologies are available world over for production of caustic soda – mercury cell process, diaphragm process, and membrane cell process. All three processes are in use in India, although there is strong trend indicating a shift towards the environmentally better membrane cell process. We manufacture Caustic soda through more environmentally friendly membrane technology.


Safety :

This material is a Scheduled Poison S6 and must be stored, maintained and used in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Precautions for safe handling: Avoid skin and eye contact and breathing in vapour, mists and aerosols.

Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities

Store in cool place and out of direct sunlight.

Store away from incompatible materials described in Section 10.

Store away from foodstuffs.

Do not store in aluminium or galvanised containers nor use die-cast zinc or aluminium bungs; plastic bungs should be used.

At temperatures greater than 40°C, tanks must be stress relieved. Keep containers closed when not in use - check regularly for leaks

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