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Indian Caustic Soda Supplier

Updated: Jan 23

India is one of the leading exporters of Caustic Soda in the world and keeping pace with the export business in this field. Maha Automations is one of the leading distributors and suppliers of industrial chemicals from India & UAE including Caustic Soda, Aluminium Sulphate, Sodium Sulphate, and other chemicals.

As experts in the field of chemical distribution, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality products and solutions, on-time delivery, alongside uncompromised customer service and support.

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), also known as caustic soda flakes or lye is used to manufacture many everyday products, such as paper, aluminum, commercial drain and oven cleaners, and soap and detergents.

Maha Automation can offer you #caustic_soda_flakes based on fob, cfr and cpt with 99% purity as per below details:

Packing: 25 kg bags in 1250 kg jumbo bags

Payload: 25 mt per 20' fcl

For More Details kindly contact

Whatsapp : +971568386794

Mobile : +918431863193

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